ASIDE.IO Shortcuts

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The shortcuts available for use within ASIDE are listed below. Shortcuts shown in the globals section can be used at anytime, but shortcuts listed for a specific screen (code, data) only work on those screens. For other help, see the help section.

Global Shortcuts

Work anywhere within ASIDE

Shortcut Description
+ shift + l opens the debug log list in the right panel
+ shift + i open a new instance of ASIDE
+ shift + o open the context of ASIDE within salesforce
+ shift + 6 switch to "code" screen
+ shift + 7 switch to "test" screen
+ shift + 8 switch to "push" screen
+ shift + 9 switch to "data" screen
+ shift + x logout of ASIDE
+ shift + p open options
+ shift + 0 open help documentation
+ shift + h open shortcuts documentation
+ shift + u open open user detail page
+ shift + v toggle salesforce's development mode on and off
+ shift + , save the state of the ASIDE tabs you have open
+ shift + . load the saved tab state for the current org
+ shift + \ resets ASIDE to its default stylesheet
esc close top popup / panel

Code Section Shortcuts

Shortcuts which only work from the code screen

Shortcut Description
+ s save the current file (or executes anonymous when in that mode)
+ f opens panel to find within current file
+ h opens panel to find within all code in the org
+ g if the current file is a test class, runs the unit tests within it. if the current file is a package xml, performs a retrieve using that package
+ ; get code coverage for the current file
+ shift + ; toggle code coverage highlights on/off
+ u for apex and visualforce, updates the open file's version number. for static resources updates the open file's content type
+ k deletes the current file from the server
+ r repeats the last action taken
+ j navigates to the selected apex class, sobject, or visualforce tag in a new tab
+ b jumps focus to the command typeahead
+ l open local file history
+ e rename current file name
+ shift + d download editor contents
+ shift + c toggle dual editors
+ shift + a toggle diff highlights on/off
+ shift + b beautify HTML, VF, CSS, JS (works on Apex too, but more of an uglifier)
+ shift + f generate wsdl
+ shift + y open lightning bundle popup
ctrl + space get autocomplete suggestions

Data Section Shortcuts

Shortcuts which only work from the data screen

Shortcut Description
+ s execute the query in the query input