What is ASIDE.IO?

A free and full featured Salesforce IDE, up in the cloud.

Create and edit Apex, Lightning, Visualforce, Static Resources, and Custom Objects.

Execute unit tests in multiple ways, view their results, and obtain code coverage.

Retrieve or deploy by dropping a package.xml or zip from your computer.

Run SOQL queries and view the results in a flexible data grid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have something on your mind?

Why can't I log into my org from this website?

I am not able to host ASIDE anymore; it has switched to an open source model where it is easy to deploy a new instance of ASIDE that you can log into your org from. Click here for more information on deploying a new instance of ASIDE.

What is ASIDE?

ASIDE is full-featured Salesforce IDE built from the ground up for efficient delivery, design, and testing of Apex and Visualforce code.

Is there any documentation available?

Check here.

Is ASIDE open source?

Yes it is! View it's github repository here.

How do I spin up my own instance of ASIDE?

You can do it by following the steps here.

Do I need to give ASIDE my credentials?

No, ASIDE never sees your credentials. Clicking the login button will redirect you to the Salesforce.com domain where you can securely authenticate.

Does ASIDE store any of my Salesforce or personal data?

No, ASIDE does not store any of this information.

How can I use source control in conjunction with ASIDE?

Since ASIDE does not save copies of your code locally, you will need to perform a retrieve to pull the code out of your Salesforce org. To retrieve the files you will want to commit, while logged into ASIDE click push ⟹ Select Retrieve Filter ⟹ Code Modified By Me Since Last Retrieve ⟹ Add All ⟹ retrieve. This will retrieve (download) all the code you have modified since the last time you performed a retrieve from ASIDE. When the retrieve completes, expand the resulting zip file and commit the code to source control as you normally would.

I try to login with ASIDE, but receive the error,"ip restricted or invalid login hours", can I still use ASIDE?

If your organization has IP restrictions enabled it will not be possible to login in with ASIDE because it has a dynamic IP address.

Is there anything I can do if the login is working inconsistently or I am getting kicked out?

If you are getting kicked out, or ASIDE is frequently showing the error recovery popup, you may need to disable the "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" security setting found under Security ⟹ Session Settings within your salesforce organization. ASIDE will not work properly while this setting is enabled.

I broke ASIDE while modifying it's stylesheet. How can I fix it?

You can reset ASIDE to it's default stylesheet with command + shift + \ on Macs or control + shift + \ on PCs.

What browsers do you recommend?

It's highly recommended that you use Chrome or Firefox while using ASIDE. Safari has known issues related to retrieving and downloading not working properly.

Where can I find information about the latest update?

On the updates page.

Who can I contact about questions/bugs/feature requests?

Hit me up at admin@aside.io